The First Few Hours

My mom came in per usual to kiss me goodbye  before she left for work, and as she did she said “you got some busy bees out there”. Suddenly it felt like Christmas. And not just Christmas, but Christmas as a child, where you are anxious and excited at the same time to get up and run to your presents you know are waiting for you under the tree. In this state I had to wait for my mom to leave. As soon as she was down the street I was up and dressing. The air felt different even lying in bed, like it was wet out. As soon as I was at the door it was apparent why. It looked like it might’ve rained, or at the very least, sprinkled in the form of a heavy mist all night. It’s chilly, maybe 64 out. Given, it’s still 7am and the clouds are still as thick as ever.

The bees are already doing what’s called “orientation flights”. Which is basically the bees flying around the hive to memorize its location. I had to go over and watch them, despite the weather. If they could handle being outside, so could I, right? Anyway, so far everything appears normal, but they haven’t been active for more than a couple hours. I will definitely keep reporting.


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