You Know What They Say About Curiosity…

I got a lot o’ pictures for you today. So exciting!

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I’d never seen the bees in such a… state? An uproar? I don’t know. There were more outside of the hive than there’s ever been, how about that? It worried me a little. One of the signs of swarming is the bees congregating around the entrance. There was clearly a bit of congregation there, if you ask me. Another sign is lack of foraging though, and I know the bees are out foraging. More and more are coming and going from the hive, and a bunch are coming back (what I call) “empty handed”. I say “empty handed” because from what you can tell, they aren’t bringing anything back to the hive. Which I interpret to mean that they’ve got nectar. You can clearly see when they’re carrying pollen, but they carry nectar in a sac inside their body, so you can’t really tell if they’ve got anything.

Anyway, after things had calmed down around the hive (you would’ve never known that anything was the matter) I went and looked it over. All the bees were still there, not that I had really expected there to be a swarm. The behavior RIGHT before a swarm is different. But who should come and see me, if not the last of my animals to investigate the hive? She went and stood right in front of the entrance, and of course she’s such a dope that she doesn’t really come when you call her or walk away. She just stood there as a few bees came out to inspect her. And then what does she do? She lies down next to it. The bees didn’t mind at all. I have to remember to thank B for giving me some amazingly docile bees.

I can’t wait to open it up! They’ve been doing there jobs all week, so I’m really excited to see what all they’ve done. Unfortunately it’s supposed to rain through the weekend, as well as be below 60. If I remember correctly, bees don’t normally fly below 60 or above 90. I just hope it rains enough to do the plants some good, and then clears up so the bees can get back to work.


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2 responses to “You Know What They Say About Curiosity…”

  1. Skydancer (Guardian Angel) says :

    I love the cat ! Cats are sooo stupid sometimes aren’t they? She’s just sitting there saying, “Look at me! Look at me! See how beautiful and cute I am?” never having a clue that she’s standing right next to hundreds (thousands) of stinging little insects! 🙂 lol

    • willowbatel says :

      The dogs are just as bad though. Sam will go up and actually start scratching at the entrance. Buttercup shoves her nose right in the front door, but Kira stays away for the most part.
      The trouble is, she really is a pretty cat. Lol.

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