Clouds Of Grey Dampen The Day

Despite it being in the low 60s/ high 50s and RAINING all day, the bees managed to continue their work. I’ve read that bees don’t like the cold, nor the wet, but I feel like that was sort of proven wrong today when I saw a bee coming back from foraging with a drop of water on one of it’s wings. I put a board over the hole on the top to help keep the rain out, and it’s a good thing I did because the hive was dripping consistently through the day. I did notice an undeveloped bee lying outside the entrance though, which means they’re preparing to starve and are getting rid of mouths to feed. The only way to prevent the death of the hive is to feed them. Sugar water; aka syrup. I made a cup of it (you boil a cup of water, and then mix in a cup of sugar) and it tastes delicious. Now all I’ve got to do is poke holes in the lid of a jar and put it over the hole on top of the hive (upside down so the bees can get at the syrup).

I’ve got some honey comb I bought in spring that I ate half of and then put in the fridge to prevent the honey from getting messy that I’m going to give the bees first though. I figure raw honey is better than sugar water. And they can use the wax. My aunt bought me a Christmas present and gave it to me today. It’s a plumber’s camera. It’s a little camera on the end of a three foot long bendable pipe which attaches to a handle with a screen on it.  She bought it for me with the intention of seeing into the hive without opening it up. It was kind of neat to see the bees at work, completely undisturbed. There were a few things that were odd. Like how one frame would be completely empty, and then suddenly you couldn’t see the next frame at all.

I will be going into the hive tomorrow morning though, instead of waiting until Wednesday. With the sacrifice of young bees starting up, I’ve got to go in and inspect the hive to see if they’ve got enough food. And if they do have food, then move the frames around so it’s easily accessible to the cluster. Bees form a sphere inside the hive, in the middle of which is the queen laying her eggs.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to opening it up, even if it is for a problem and not just regular inspection. I just hope the rain doesn’t continue tomorrow. The bees finally gave up around three today, but it’s been done raining for several hours. See you tomorrow with lots of news!


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