There Was An Explosion

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I was absolutely shocked when I saw the bees like this. I thought they were being attacked or something. This behavior is NOT normal for them, so it really freaked me out. My first thought was to grab the camera so that I could email some pictures to B (and then blog about them lol). So that’s what I did. B said this was just the expected population explosion. I’m still alittle skeptical. I mean, why would this many bees come outside of the hive at once? What’s the point? They didn’t seem to be attacking anything though, so I figured it would be alright. I went inside to email B the pictures and when I got back outside it was like nothing had ever happened. There were maybe ten bees flying. I know that the dogs had nothing to do with it, because they’d all been sleeping.

B said to expect this again tomorrow, so you might see another post again soon.


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8 responses to “There Was An Explosion”

  1. sasammygirl says :

    Hunh, that is strange. I’d be skeptiv too, but if there wasn’t anything threatening them, then a population explosion does seem like the most probable answer.

  2. Andrew says :

    Well, that’s really unusual. Something must of attacked them. Population isn’t the answer here. They’re supposed to keep being squished against each other. Man, how much was the bee costume. Lol. I REALLY want a honeybee nest once my sister is done planting the Aloe Vera and cucumber. And who the heck is B? A blogger? Because it sounds like he knows your blog. I think probably another wasp came out of nowhere and disturbed them. Probably by the time you came outside it was dead in the grass so you couldn’t see. That’s only one of my theories. Another theory would be another bee coming from another nest over to their nest encase of shelter. But, the bees don’t accept newcomers so it was probably a tough bee so most of the bees had to go out to try to kill it. I have more. But, I don’t have so much time. Oh and FYI, I added this blog and your other blog on my blogroll. You should be happy. At least add me to your blogroll. Lol. 😀

  3. lurid tales of doom says :

    They certainly seem agitated about something, maybe a hornet or something, but they could’ve just been partying for all I know about bees 😛

    • willowbatel says :

      Lol. Honeybees are known for killing certain intruders rather spectacularly. I can’t remember which intruder they do this for (certainly not other honeybees) but they will all jump on the intruder and vibrate their wing muscles to raise their collective temperature to over a hundred degrees. They essentially cook their victim to death.

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