It’s A Hot, Happy Hive

Here (if you look REALLY closely when the image is zoomed in) you can see several bees fanning air into the entrance of the hive. It was 98 degrees at one point today, so the hive was HOT. Bees will attempt to cool the hive by fanning air in by standing at the entrance and using their wings to move the air into the hive. They will also gather excess water and then fan air over it so that the water acts like a kind of sweat and cools the hive down from the inside. They often combine these two techniques, so that things are more efficient.

This is more of a ‘look at it because it’s pretty’ picture than anything else.

Bees aren’t “supposed” to fly when it’s this hot out, but clearly that’s a load of crap. The air was full of bees, and they could be seen circling up away from the hive light tiny balls of light. It was actually really pretty.

That’s all I’ve got for today. Just wanted to show you that the hive is repeating this (what I thought was) unusual behavior. Oh and also, they devoured the quart of sugar in about 9 hours. Probably less because it was so hot that the sugar water was probably evaporating and thickening.


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2 responses to “It’s A Hot, Happy Hive”

  1. BrodeurNJ30 says :

    Uh oh you forgot to credit the person that made that nice banner for you.

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