It’s Almost Too Hot To Function

Due to the extreme heat the past few days, the bees have been really inactive and stayed mostly in the hive since it’s been too hot for them to fly. I’ve noticed though, that they become VERY active around four o’clock everyday. Hundreds of them come pouring out of the hive for an hour of flying about before most all go back in for the night. Perhaps it’s cool enough then for them to come out, but why they don’t all stay out is something I don’t understand. Anyway, because of the heat, I’ve been watering some of the newer additions to the yard, and since the hive is so hot, I spray it down too, with a light mist. I did this when the bees were doing there evening flying session and this was the result.


They all landed on the hive and lapped up the water, which they were unable to get during the day.


I sprayed it several times during the day, only coxing a few out for a short period of time. But since so many were out already, more seemed to come willingly to help get the water. I hosed the hive and the concrete slab it sits upon down several times. The concrete slab collects an immense amount of heat during the day, and since its underside is Styrofoam all the heat is reflected back straight up to the hive. It becomes ridiculously hot, so I cool it down every so often to help the bees.

All of the sudden they all began crawling back into the hive. It was really interesting to see, but hard to capture in a picture. They were only interested in front of the hive, the other sides didn’t seem to matter at all, even though it looked as if there were more water on the right side than on the front.

Anyway, as soon as I saw that there were so many of them out, I had to run and grab the camera. And since they needed to be cooled down anyway, I figured it’d be an opportune time to take some pictures.

You all might’ve noticed the new header I’ve got. I would like to give a special thanks to Auntie Annie or Honey (or whatever she wants her alias to be) for making it for me. She did an amazing job with it and I’m truly thankful for it.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for today.


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2 responses to “It’s Almost Too Hot To Function”

  1. AA says :

    Ah, summer heat. It’s absolutely wonderful 🙄 I’d be very good friends with bees. I think if I was a bee, I’d along with them pretty well XD What do bees do in the winter time?

    And I’m glad you like the header! Though, you didn’t have to credit me, thanks anyway 🙂 (+ Auntie Anne is fine or AA)

    • willowbatel says :

      In the winter bees gather in the center of the hive where they form a sphere around the brood. They eat and sleep, and the queen even lays eggs, until it is warm enough for them to venture outside. They eat the honey they have spent all summer producing.
      Of course I had to give you credit. It’s only right.

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