The Second Box

I know it’s really not necessary to open the beehive every week, but I’m too in love with it to not open it. I almost didn’t bother with trying to get some pictures because my mom wasn’t home, but I asked my neighbor at the last minute and she bravely came over to help. She stood less then five feet away in shorts and a t-shirt and took these pictures. Once I looked through them all I could think was, my mom’s fired from being my photographer. Ok, I need to actually show you these pictures now. lol.

The bees are clearly doing well, but you can see where they’re living and where they aren’t. They WANT to build comb, but they won’t do it where I want them to. They’re determined to build it on the top of the hive and the edges of the frames, instead of on the empty frames at the edges of the box. So I rearranged things and moved the empty frames into the mix of the brood and honey stores.

Speaking of honey, here it all is. It’s not much, certainly not enough to get them through the winter, but there’s definitely more there than last time.

And boy do they have a lot of bees to feed. J (my neighbor) was taking such great shots I just had to show you this. It’s too up close not to.

Look at all the babies! Aren’t they so cute! This entire frame (this whole side and most of the other side) was covered in brood. The population should increase rapidly in about… a week. If you can’t tell what I’m talking about, I mean all the white stuff at the bottom of the cells. Every comb has a little white larvea in it, which means that for every cell, there will be a bee. I showed my mom this picture and all she could say was “holy shit”.

Here’s the queen, the one who’s controlling it all. For whatever reason the bees keep trying to make queen cups in the middle of the frame, which means they’re trying to replace the queen. If they’re trying to make queens that will be a part of a swarm, then they make them at the bottom of the frames. I uncapped the queen cup, in the hopes that would deter them. They tried to make one before B gave them to me, so I don’t know what they think is wrong with the queen. I like her. lol.

I decided to put the second box on. They clearly want to expand, and this way they’ll be able to without any trouble. I’ve been noticing that there’s more and more of them gathering at the top, so I figured a new box would do them good. Especially since they were trying to build on the inner cover.


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4 responses to “The Second Box”

  1. Andrew says :

    Ah, I thought the queen bee would be bigger. Well, I can’t have my expectations so high.

    • willowbatel says :

      To be honest I’d expected her to bigger also, like an ant queen or something. Queen ants are so big they can’t do anything for themselves. Everything has to be done for them, including moving the eggs that are constantly being laid. Queen bees are small enough to move around the hive, and lay their eggs specifically where they want them. It only takes a few days for them to slim down enough (by stopping egg production) to fly. Queen ants have their wings chewed off as soon as they start a nest.

  2. AA says :

    Oh, yay! Close ups! Poor queen lol. It must suck being replaced bleh! And yea, the queen bee doesn’t look that big, but I just looked up Queen ant’ and they’re ginormous compared to the workers ❗

    • willowbatel says :

      I can’t tell if the workers are trying to prepare a swarm or what’s going on.
      I know, isn’t it disgusting! I wanted an aunt farm at one point, but killed too many ants in the process, and since there wasn’t a queen it was kind of hopeless.

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