The Fourth Opening

Due to the fact that I was going to leave unexpectedly, and that Fridays have become a sort of Bee day, I decided to open the hive up early in the morning instead of later in the evening like I normally do. I opened it up around 9 or 10 am, instead of my usual 5 – 7 pm range.

The bees are definitely doing their job and expanding. They still aren’t interested in the upper box, but they’re making progress for sure. It was interesting to see how on the newer frames, the ones that aren’t completely drawn out and were put into the middle of things last week, they only drew out the part closest to the entrance. They did this on the three new frames. There was also a lot of bees just hanging on the bottom of the frames, not really doing anything or concerned with the fact that I was in the hive.

This one of the newer frames that isn’t entirely drawn out. It’s got two of the weirdly shaped cells on it B called these “supercedure cells”. They are cells intended for a replacement queen, built in the middle of the frame and made large because the queen is larger. I broke this cell, and the other one that I could see. I think I found three of them total in the hive.

I know I really don’t need to keep showing you pictures of her, but here’s the queen. Again. It’s the same one, so I don’t know what the bees are planning exactly.

I did see an enormous insect leave the hive yesterday, and I think I found out what it was today. It was a huge black wasp. They will scout for honeybee hives, and then try to break in to leave their scent so their sisters can find it easier and help attack the hive. One actually showed up while I was working the hive and I smashed it before my sister could get a picture of it. There was a bee that was fighting with it, which I smashed in the process of killing the wasp, but I feel like the bees death wasn’t in vain. It was weird to see a honeybee fighting with something that was at least two and a half times as big as she was though. I hope that no more show up, because I haven’t read anything about how to help the bees fight off intruders like that.


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