Darn The Rain

The weather was crap all day today. It was maybe 63 at the warmest, but it’s rained all day. Lots of bees attempted to fly, but after a while there ended up being a pile of them dead at the door. I put some sugar water out, right at the entrance; because I know they don’t have enough honey to make it through the winter. Hives are supposed to have at LEAST 50lbs of honey to make it through, but I’d be surprised if the entire hive weighed 50lbs. They only have about a frame and a half of nectar/honey stores though, so I’m really concerned that they won’t be able to survive. Hence the feeding. I did a bit of research today, in the hopes of finding an internal feeder or something that I could build quickly and install without too much trouble. The cheapest and easiest thing seemed to be a Ziplock bag full of sugar water with holes poked in one side laid on top of the frames.

It’s annoying because yesterday was sunny and nice and then all of the sudden the weather became Washington weather again. Pray for my bees! I’m going to take the roof off and feed them a jar of sugar as soon as it’s a nice day.


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