The bees seem to be doing excellent. I got home today at 11 and they had about ¼ of a cup left from the two cups I put out for them last night (after they were in for the night). Since they were so active, and I put the container at the entrance of the hive, I decided it would be better for my health if I waited until the end of the day to refill it. I’ve just put out another two cups, making this the third day in a row I’ve put out food for them. If this doesn’t encourage them to build comb, even on the stuff they’ve already drawn out, then I don’t know what will. I think this will be the last feeding I do for a while though, because if they take in too much then there won’t be enough room for the queen to lay.

I think that putting the sugar water at the entrance of the hive is beneficial because it encourages more guards to be flying around. As more bees come out to gather the syrup, more bees will feel the need to protect them. This, combined with the fact that the main part of the hive is in the top box, spreads out the hives actions so that all parts of the hive are being used, or at least constantly visited by bees so that they realize they have more room to work with. I think I’m going to open the bees up again on Sunday, since I opened them up only a few days ago. The weather was really nice today, which meant the hive was working at full capacity.


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