Things I Should’ve Posted About But Didn’t

So, as you know I’ve been feeding the bees. I’ve been feeding the bees a LOT. They have consistently managed to devour the quart/four cups of sugar water I’ve put out for them daily. Here is a picture of them on the 7th, which I didn’t bother to post.

They managed to drink this entire thing before five pm, and I put it out at ten when I got home from school. They consumed a quart yesterday, and another today. Tomorrow I get to open up the hive (weather permitting) and see how they’re doing! There are some annoying pests that have decided to eat the sugar water syrup also though.

You see the large black hornets? They’re kind of bullies. I kill them on sight. Two days ago the bees had taken their fill of things, and the hornets were still looking the measuring cup over, so I sprayed it with raid. They’re big nasty things that try and shoo the bees away. There were over ten of them two days ago, so I felt the need to hinder the population. I’ve been trying to kill them with a piece of metal that was left behind ever since. I usually shove them into the sugar water quickly, and then squish them while they’re trying to get out. The last thing I need is a hornet’s nest. I hate hornets, and wasps and yellow jackets and the like. The less of them the better.

Anyway, just wanted to post and say I was still feeding them and that they’re gobbling it up about as quickly as I can put it out. I just hope it’s enough.

See you tomorrow, hopefully.


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