I opened up the hive today, and had a weird feeling. Something seemed wrong. I looked through all the frames, and couldn’t find the queen, and the bees seemed a lot less agitated then last time. It was only when I was half way through that I realized that there was no new brood. There was only a little bit of capped brood left, and that was beginning to hatch while I was holding the frame.

I fed the bees a quart of 1.5:1 sugar water today, as well as yesterday and the day before. Today I also put out another two cups of sugar water though. That was taken in without any trouble. The bees flooded out to drink the syrup.


There were several frames laden with sugar water honey, but no brood or larvae. To me this means the hive is queen-less. My sister is babysitting not far from B’s house, and I still needed to return the nuc, so I went with my mom to drop my sister off so I could talk with B. He suggested I look through the hive again in a few days, and if I can’t find the queen then I should call him and he’ll try and get me another queen from a friend of his.

He also said that this was a weird year, and that several people’s queen’s just disappeared. I didn’t have a swarm because most of the bee population is… maybe I did have a swarm. I can’t imagine I did, but the hive does seem a little emptier now that I think about it. It’s weird that they would swarm without leaving the colony with brood and a new queen though. I feel like I would’ve noticed a swarm is the thing. I mean, I guess if it was small enough, but still. *sigh* all I know is my colony is in danger, and if I don’t get a queen somehow then they’re going to die, which would be REALLY depressing. I’m depressed knowing that I managed to lose a queen. I’m going to open things up on Monday (oh the agony of waiting) and see how things are. I’m also going to stop feeding them (per B’s instructions).

Wish me and my bees luck!


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