Queen(s) Found

I went into the hive today because it was too nice to waste. I didn’t want tot risk not having anymore good weather. When I opened the hive up there were two frames that caught my eye immediately. I picked up one of them and found a bee that looks like a queen. Here’s the clearest pictures.

She’s kind of hiding in the middle of the picture in the second pic.

I put that one back assuming that the bees had requeened and that was that. But then I went to the second frame that caught my eye and saw the queen that B gave me. She was definitely a lot bigger than the other one, because she’s been laying.

So, I don’t know if I’m going to have a swarm, or if I’m going to have a new laying queen soon, or if I’ve completely misinterpreted things and this isn’t a queen at all. I’ve sent these pictures to B, and hopefully he’ll know what to do. It’s just funny that I went from having no queen, to having two. I’ll definitely keep you posted.

B told me to stop feeding them however, so I’ll pause on that for a while. I feel like despite all the feeding, they still have less than what they started out with. I don’t know how that could be though.


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4 responses to “Queen(s) Found”

  1. nayyir says :

    which one is the queen??????

  2. willowbatel says :

    The large amber colored one on the edge of the frame (center of the pic) in the first picture.
    She’s half buried under the other bees in the second pic, but again, she’s almost directly in the center of the pic. Once you see her in the first pic, you’ll be able to see her in the second.

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