Quick Update

I put food out for the bees on the 3rd because I wasn’t able to get around to it on the 2nd (the day after my last post). They’re only just getting to the last little bit of the 4 cups I set out. They seem completely uninterested in it. Hopefully this means they found a better nectar flow elsewhere.

Anyway, just wanted to give a little update and say they’re still as active as ever. The weather has been consistently above 60 which is good. There’s a constant stream of bees coming and going from the hive, and a lot more are flying around in search of flowers. I can’t wait for next year when spring comes around and they’ve got the apple tree to pollinate and the cherry blossom to buzz around. It’ll be a sight to see!

Oh and about my bee sting. It’s more itchy than anything else, and the skin three inches around it is red and tight. It’s gotten better today, but yesterday I couldn’t stop itching it.


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