Because It’s Still Nice Enough

Clearly I have no idea when the bees are going to be done with collecting nectar and pollen. And since it was sunny and in the 70’s (I was wanting for it all day) I figured I’d open the hive just to take a look.

There is more nectar stores then the bees know what to do with. They’re putting nectar and pollen in the middle of the brood nest, that’s how little room they think they have. Some frames have honey surrounding the edge of the frame all the way around, most of it in the process of being capped. There’s such a good nectar flow that the bees have started making wax again. Of course, its bur comb, but it’s better than nothing. Right?

There was a frame on the edge of the box that was virtually untouched, so I moved that to the other side, almost directly in front of the entrance, with brood on either side. It’s drawn out enough that the queen can lay in it if she wants, especially since she’s running out of room with all the honey in the way.

I saw about five new eggs. There was a lot of capped brood. Actually, any space that wasn’t holding honey or pollen was capped brood. Hopefully the “new” (the empty drawn out frame) will entice the bees to put more stores in that, as well as confuse them into thinking they don’t have enough for winter.

Here’s a picture of one of the brood frames.

Note all the capped honey on the top edge of the frame. The capped brood is hard to see, but you can see a few spots that have hatched already. Those spots have all been filled with honey or pollen. I did notice some weird spots on other frames in which a white substance was floating in the honey. I don’t know what it is, but I saw at least four combs with it. It wasn’t eggs.

As far as I can tell, the original queen is gone. I couldn’t find her anywhere, and looked over every centimeter of each frame. I found the new/unmarked queen. She’s looking healthy, although a bit wider and slightly darker than the previous queen in my opinion. My sister came out to take pictures once I was halfway through the hive, and only stayed long enough to take about six shots before getting bored and going back inside. *rolls eyes*. So I wasn’t able to get a picture of the queen unfortunately. I feel like there are a lot less bees in the hive. There is going to be a major population explosion once all the capped brood hatches. Just in time for winter. The good news is, all those bees will be ready to fly once spring comes round.


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