Quick Before It Rains

I opened the hive early because I heard it was going to rain tonight and tomorrow. The sun was shining and warm, and the hive was very active. With the bad weather in mind I opened the bees around 1. It was dark and raining by 4:30.

The hive is doing well, although the amount of capped honey seems unchanged since last week.

The overall population also seems unchanged, despite having three or four frames of brood that hatched within the last few days.

I was unable to locate the first queen, which makes me think that the hive has completely done away with her. I can’t say I’m too offended. Having a queen that will produce the workers of bees from hives just down the street (or wherever the nearest hive is) tells me the hive will be at it’s best for this area. There is a change in climate even a few miles away, so having bees that have survived here will make an impact on the hives productivity.


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