Varroa Mite Infestation

Todays weather was actually decent so I opened the hive. I’m glad I did because the bees have Varroa mites. I saw at least two bees with the tell-tale red spots (the mites) on their backs.

I will not be treating the hive using pesticides. I find this to be a task that is completely backwards and unhelpful to both bees and humans in the long run. All it does is create stronger parasites, while raising bees that depend on human interference. Bees have existed for millennia without human intervention. Why start now? If my bee’s die over the winter, then that’s what’s best for the species. If they survive, then they will live to see next spring where they can send their beneficial genes out into the world.

No one seems to understand this idea in my family. I’m looking at these bees from an evolutionary point of view. The bees that are alive today are clearly not managing to live with the mites that plague them. So how is it beneficial to try and help these bees by making them dependant on humans?

I fed the bees today also. All I did was pour about two cups worth of sugar water into the empty cells around the edges of the frames. Let’s hope it helps!

Now you might be thinking, Ok, if he just said that helping bees is wrong, why is he feeding them? The answer to this is, the bees started the year out late. They were given a new space at the wrong time of year. So they don’t have the room or the numbers to collect enough honey to last them over the winter. Coating the bees with pesticides that will get into every crevice of the hive and eventually result in their deaths one way or another is very different from giving them an extra bit of food to help them through the winter because they didn’t have enough time to prepare themselves.


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