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This picture was taken before the next wave of snow hit, so it’s not entirely accurate, but you get the idea. The bees seem to be keeping themselves warm though, because a large dip had already started to form in the middle of the snow on the roof (i.e. where the cluster is). The front entrance is blocked by snow. I’ll clear it out later today once the sun comes up. It’s ridiculously cold out though. 28 right now. But it feels like it’s about 15 degrees colder because the wind is incessant. My furnace has been running every 15 minutes, with two fireplaces going. I hope my bees can handle all this!

Did I mention we have 2 1/2 to 3 inches of snow right now?


Still Going Strong

Because it managed to get into the 70’s today, I opened the hive. If I had known that they had already gone threw the cup and a half of sugar water I gave them last time I would’ve made more. All of the main frames were heavy with capped brood and honey. The majority of the honey stores in the middle of the box had been expanded outward, so that the frame was an uneven waxy field coated in bees. The new queen is doing very well; laying in a perfect pattern. I noticed how much of a color change there’s been in the overall population since the new queen took over. It’s funny how that works. I like this color of bee a lot better though. They’re much prettier, and have a richer color.

There were a few empty frames, but hopefully tomorrow is nice and by the time I get home I can make some more sugar water and help them out again. They didn’t seem too interested in it last time I put it out for them.

I’m surprised they’re still active at this point in the year. I thought they’d be holed up for the winter by now. *shrugs*