Archive | December 2010

Winter Cleaning

The sunny clear day allowed the bees to get out and stretch their wings for a while today. I came home at 2 and found them buzzing excitedly in and out of the hive entrance. There were a lot of them in the grass (possibly drinking water). Once my sister relinquishes her grip on her camera I can take a picture of the graveyard in front of the hive. It’s a little insane.

Kira was stung again, but I didn’t realize it until at least 3 hours after the fact. My mom thought she had a hernia because there was a big lump on her stomach. Instead of bothering with guess work I just flipped her over and looked at her tummy. There was a stinger in the middle of the lump, so I pulled that out and gave her some meds. She’s been fine all evening. She did eventually come over for a bit of luvins though. Poor little dog. The bees probably out weigh her; how’s she supposed to stand a chance?

Anyway, judging by the activity level today I’m going to assume the hive is doing well. I hope they make it the next two or three months. I have no idea when to expect them to come out again.