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First Outting Of The Year

I don’t know how warm it was exactly today, but the bees were able to get out and about which was really nice. I immediately got my camera out once I saw the hive and here were a few of the pictures I was able to take. I didn’t open tit up though because I felt like that would disturb them too much.

Taken from the kitchen sink. That’s how awesome this new camera’s zoom is.

Again, taken from the kitchen sink. I love the zoom and auto focus this new camera has. I just hope the water was sugary enough for the bees. Every few minutes a new bee would find it’s way over to the feeder. It was fun to watch.

I did go outside to take this one, just because I wanted to hear the bees. Buzzing as good as usual. I like this picture because it shows the uniformity of the bee’s colorations. Last year the bees were all mixed because of the way the honey stores/ larvae distribution worked out when I got them. I’m excited to see how my own special colony of bees is going to turn out though. Since this hive will technically be second generation due to the killing of the first queen. The current queen has bred with the neighboring colony drones to create the existing population, which is the only one of it’s kind in existence. I find it a little exciting is all. I mean, all colonies look different anyway, but this is MY different looking colony. I’m excited for this new season. I can’t wait to watch the bees expand and develop and produce excess honey. And then harvest that honey to eat. Eiippee! I wish winter would just hurry up and get over with already!