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Spring Is On Its Way

Today it was really sunny and decent enough to be outside for a few. The bees were out all day until about 3, which was awsome. I decided to open them up and have a look, just because it’s fun. I didn’t get very many pictures and only got a few frames in before it started to get chilly and windy and had to call it quits, though they were still flying around for hours after that.

Anyway, here’s a few picutres my mom took for me.

Note the obvious. They’ve moved away from the virtually empty frames, farthest from the vantage point, and are huddling close together on the frames which (might [I stopped before I got to have a look at them]) have food and some brood on them. This is done to keep the brood, and the bees, warm.

I’m not really sure what this is. Pollen maybe? I can’t think of what else it might be. It’s definitely not larvae though.

Their numbers have definitely dwindled, and the frames that used to be full of brood are completely empty, but it’s ok because spring is on its way! I think I’ll feed them the next time it’s sunny though. There wasn’t much in the way of honey stores in the three frames I pulled up.

Until the next sunny day then!


Early Pollination

The warm weather today allowed the bees to get outside and take advantage of some of the crocus that are blooming at the moment. Thankfully I got home at the warmest part of the day and was able to see them in full swing.

A little bee gathering nectar from one of the random flowers that seeded its self in the grass.

This one shows a different bee, with pollen in it’s baskets.

The bees weren’t too interested in these but they were pretty so they got a picture.

More full pollen baskets. Spring is on its way! I’m debating whether I should start feeding them or not to give them a strong build up for summer. You might not notice this but there are a lot less bees out at the moment then there were at the end of last year. This is expected, due to the number of deaths that occur during winter. Feeding them would signal to the queen that spring is on its way, so she would lay more eggs. This would strain the colony though because they would have to keep those new eggs warm. I think I’m going to wait a little bit. Just to be safe. Maybe at the end of the month if the grape hyacinths haven’t bloomed yet.

And lastly, the sun. It was too pretty not to take a picture of it.