Feeding In The Cold.

It was slightly windy when I got home today, but it was in the LOW 50’s and not raining, so I figured it’d be good to open up the hive today. thinking it would just be a quick thing I wouldn’t need to worry too badly about, I didn’t put on my boots when I put my suit on. I made some sugar water, opened the hive up, and took an empty frame farthest from where I thought the brood nest was. The good news is that there’s a lot more bees than the last time I opened them up. They had very little food left though. I filled one frame with a pint, and then decided to go in and get another. I tried to work as fast as possible so not that much heat was lost from the hive. While I was working though I felt something crawling up my leg. Two somethings actually. One made it all the way to my knee before I was able to kill it. No sting either today. Even though I didn’t even think about the number of bees I would have on me and just walked right inside after having been covered in them. I made it to my room and put on a boot before I heard one of them fly off of me. I ran back outside and found about half a dozen on my back. Rookie mistake…

I got all of them off of me, went back in and put on my other boot, and made a second pint of 2:1 sugar water. Unfortunately I felt like I had bugs crawling all over me, so I was a little paranoid. Bees freak me out. Have I mentioned that before? I’m slightly terrified of them. But I love them so it’s ok. I went back out and filled a second frame. They’d started nibbling the wax off of some of the comb on that one. Glad I could offer some food to stimulate wax production.

Despite the cold weather the bees were active after that and some tried to fly off in search of more food. You can tell all the bees are new though because there was a lot of clinging to one another and not that much flying around. It started raining shortly after, so I’m glad I didn’t wait to think about feeding them and just did it. I think it’ll be a big help for them. Maybe soon if the weather gets better I can add the second box on! My mom already has honey orders coming in from work.

It’s raining pretty good right now. blech. I want some sun.


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