Thunderstorms And New Boxes

It had been sunny all day, so when I got home at 4 I wanted to hurry up and put the second box on the hive because I knew I wouldn’t have another warm day to do it for a while. It was barely in the 50s today, and it was windy, but there were bees occasionally coming and going so I figured if I was quick I wouldn’t hurt things too much.

I used the checker boarding method I’ve described before, spacing out new frames in between the old in each of the boxes. I wanted to find the queen if I could, but she was elusive again. There were new eggs laid in a small corner, though much less than the last time I looked. The varroa mite infestation has gotten worse. There were dozens of bees with the red mites on them. I’d say over 90% of the sugar water I gave them last month is gone. They had almost no food. And what food they had was mostly pollen. I’ll definitely feed them the moment I can. I didn’t want to take the time to do it today and risk hurting them with extended exposure to the cold.

The population is way down too. It might just be because they weren’t as active as last time, but there looked like there was a lot less bees in general. There was a good layer of dead ones on the floor though.

I promised myself I would add the second box with the arrival of the first blossom on the cherry blossom tree in my backyard. Later (after the thunderstorm/during the hail we got today) I walked around the back yard. One of the blossoms had opened today. 🙂

The storm we had was weird though. All of the sudden thunder came out of no where. There were two loud booms and then it started dumping hail. The ground is still white from it. There was even some lightening too, which we never see around here. I hope it gets warmer soon. I don’t think my bees can take another month of cold.


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