The Last Of The Last

The bees are down to their last dozen. I’ll be amazed if they recover from this. Some how the queen has managed to live through all of this.  Opened the hive today because they weren’t out and it was much too nice for them not to be. There was mold on four of the frames and the last of the bees were clustered as far away from it as possible. There were no eggs or anything. I know there’s really nothing I can do for them at this point, but the queen is much too resilient to allow dying, so I swept all the bees into a plastic container and cut out some clean comb with pollen in it to be added to the mix. I really hope the bees will manage to turn things around for themselves. There are literally just over a dozen of them alive still. I can’t believe they made it through the night.

My mom wanted me to put them in the box with only a little bit of comb on it but I don’t think they could handle the cold like that. I’m hoping that they’ll take the wax I gave them and rework it into new comb for some eggs and eventually the population will get to a decent enough size that I can put them back out in the hive. I was thinking I might keep them in the garage and put them outside when it’s warm enough for them to fly.

I have to throw out the entire box they were living in before. I’m either going to buy a new box to replace it or buy a whole new hive. I was thinking about getting the Warre style hive. I like the simplicity of it and the bees will draw it out faster. I won’t get as much honey supposedly, but I’m ok with that. To be honest I’m not all that interested in having a ridiculous amount of honey. I’d love some of course, but right now I’m more interested in just kind of watching them. And taking honey from the Warre hive is supposed to be easier because all you do is cut off the comb, crush it, and strain out the honey. We’ll see if I can convert what I’ve got though. Getting a single box for my current hive is much easier than getting a whole new/ different hive. We’ll see if my bees even make it though!

I emailed B about all of this. I’m pretty sure I’ll be buying a package of bees from him regardless of whether these bees live or not.


2 responses to “The Last Of The Last”

  1. Emily Heath says :

    Sorry to hear this, hope B can give you some bees soon so you can start again.

    If you have a blowtorch you should be able to use the box they were in again, blowtorching in all the corners etc should kill off any pests and make the box ok for a new colony. Saves you buying new equipment. Destroy the old frames though.

    • willowbatel says :

      Yeah, I’m hoping the weather will pick up and his colonies can build up enough numbers to provide an extra nuc for me. It would be really awesome.
      Oh, I didn’t think about that. It just so happens that my neighbor used to be a metal worker and has a ton of welding tools in his shed. Good to know I’m not going to be loosing everything from this winter.

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