That’s All There Is, And There Isn’t Any More

It was a wonderful day out. Upper 60’s, butterflies fluttering through the yard, a pair of gold finch couples, purple finches flitting about, a clear sky. All of it delightful. I checked the bees yesterday and they had all died. So the relentless hum that should’ve filled the air was missed today. I’ve spent a good chunk of time online in search of someone selling bees. Of course the selling period was last month, so I’ve missed out. I couldn’t find a single place with bees. Everyone was sold out. There are still people selling queens, but you can’t start a colony with just a queen. I emailed B and he said to wait until the end of the month to check back in with him about possibly getting a hive. He’s got to fill the 5 of his 11 hives that failed over the winter. There might be some bees for me, but he’s not sure. This bad weather (not today obviously, but it’s been rather wetter and colder than usual) prevents the queens from mating and the queen won’t start intensively laying eggs without a steady flow of nectar.

My options are to wait until the end of the month for B to make a decision about getting me some bees or not, waiting until the end of the season to possibly get bees from B who will by that time have a good surplus to hand over, or to wait until next year to buy a package online. I emailed a few people online but have only got one response. They told me they were sold out and there were about ten other people who were on a list to get any captured swarms during the swarming season. I asked to be put on the list, but with ten other people in front of me it’s highly unlikely I’ll be getting a captured swarm this year. So I’m stuck playing the waiting game at the moment. It’s a shame it’s one of my least favorite games.


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2 responses to “That’s All There Is, And There Isn’t Any More”

  1. Skydancer (Guardian Angel) says :

    Awww. I’m so sorry about your bees 😦 I hope you can get some more soon.

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