Lots Of Egg Laying

It was not so great out when I woke up, but after I was out of the shower the sun came out, so I rushed outside to open the hive. The bees were already up and coming and going, so I wasn’t too worried about the cold, though I did want to hurry. The bees have moved into the old frames wonderfully and already have over two full frames of eggs lain. There’s honey appearing on the edges of the frames too, which is good. I sprayed them with a little bit of sugar water, although my sprayer was malfunctioning slightly.

With the apparent flow of nectar the bees have already drawn out about a centimeter of wax on one of the frames I’d scraped clean. The old bees had started drawing out a few queen cups, which I didn’t really think about when I put the bees in. I smooshed them down today. The bees had continued to draw them out and they were much larger than last time.

There was very little pollen in the hive. I did come across a couple bees with red pollen in their baskets, but other than that there seemed to be almost none. I’ll be planting a Pussy-willow to ensure they have some spring pollen next year.

The queen was much larger than she was when she was still in her cage, which was exciting to see. Her coloration is different than what I thought it was. Her dark is really dark, but her sides are pale had slightly hairy. I didn’t bother asking my mom to take pictures since she was busy and still weary because she was stung last time. She came out when I was almost done, wearing a hat and standing close to the house. She kept talking to me but I could barely hear her over the hum of the bees.
They were surprisingly calm too which was good. If I accidentally dropped a frame into place too hard they’d all buzz for a second and then they’d be done. One did head butt the screen of my hat, which I thought was funny. They were calm enough I almost considered not using my gloves next time. And I’m kind of terrified of being without my gloves.

Anyway, that’s the update on the package. They’re doing fine. I kind of want to try making a split with them soon. After they’ve filled up their two boxes of course. I’m not concerned with getting any honey from them this year. I just want to make sure I won’t be without bees next year.


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