A Vortex In The Sun

I don’t think the bees have not been outside once since I got them. These gals are pretty awesome, I must say. Today had a particularly warm moment which prompted about three times as many bees as there are usually to come swirling out of the hive entrance. They were so loud you could hear them from the house. I love it when they’re that loud. They really did look like a vortex though. If you stand parallel to the hive’s side, the bees come out at an angle and all seem to rotate through their flying spaces.

The sun was hidden behind clouds a few moments later and the result was that over half the bees landed on the front of the hive and crawled back in and the noise was reduced to a barely audible hum.

It needs to hurry up and dump rain over night and get rid of all these annoying clouds. I can’t wait to open them up again on Friday!


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