Various Pollinators In My Yard

We somehow manage to have quite a few bees in our yard, excluding the honey bees. We have blue orchard mason bees, little stingerless bees whose name I don’t know, as well as two or three types of bumblebee. I managed to get some pictures of the little bees whose name I don’t know. They’re so small I didn’t notice them before, but I was taking my thrice-a-day stroll around the yard and spotted them buzzing around this purple vining thing (the name of which I used to know but have forgotten).

Anyway, here’s the pictures.

In comparison, here’s a honeybee.

Here’s some bumblebees.

There was another bumble in the yard but my camera wouldn’t focus on it. These pictures were the best I could get.

Anyway. I just wanted to show that my yard isn’t completely devoid of life. Wich for some reason I’m convinced it is.


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