Bees On The Fourth

I finally opened the bees today. Good thing I did too. Apparently there’s a bit of a nectar flow going on. They’ve drawn out all but a quarter of one of the frames, two of which are completely full of pollen and nectar. And to think, I was worried they wouldn’t have any food!

There are just under a dozen drone cells scattered about the hive, and the queen has laid eggs in every single available cell. I saw her and she’s looking as healthy as ever. I left the two supersedure cells in the middle of one of the frames alone though.  The bees had started connecting the empty spaces in the hive with wax and building comb because they’re getting so close to being out of room. I figured now would be the time to put the second box on.

After I was done with everything one of the bees would not leave me alone. I walked to the other side of the yard and waited and waited and eventually it went away. I went inside, changed, and came back out onto the back patio. The bee was there waiting for me and flew right at me. We played a bit of cat and mouse over the next hour (the bee being the cat and me being the mouse running back inside). It got itself stuck in my moms hair and I had to get it out but didn’t managed to squish it. And of course we HAD to sit outside where the killer bee was for dinner. It came back over two dozen times and buzzed around the area. It almost landed on my neighbors glasses (he was determined not to be as big a scaredy cat as my mom and I). It was really kind of annoying.

But, the hive is doing well. The last few days have been up in the 70s so there’s been a constant stream of bees coming and going.

At night you can get up close to the hive and watch the guards stand just outside the door and fan the cool air in. It’s pretty neat.


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