Drones Gallore, The Queen, Honey And More

Since today was really awesome, weather wise, and I had a friend over to take some pictures, I opened the bees up.

I found the queen in the top box which was really exciting because it means they’re finally starting to expand properly into the new box. On the same frame I found a bunch of really odd, ugly looking things that actually made me say “ewww”. They were drones. Here’s a picture of one.


It’s the really big dark colored bee in the center of the picture. Notice how big the eyes are. They’re used for spotting the queens out in the mating yards. I counted 27 of them, with a large patch still yet to hatch. Here’s a picture of that.


They were just weird looking. Their coloration was weird; thick brownish-blue stripes on the thorax with weird thin yellow stripes in between. And look at how much bigger they are! I’ve never actually seen a drone before, so seeing 27 of these weird hulking things moving about the hive was bizarre. How does a wild hive actually manage so many of them? Don’t they naturally want to make several hundred? How is there room?!

Along with the excitement of the drones was the honey. The top box weighs a ton and it’s not even fully developed yet. Here’s the reason.


I’m kind of tempted to take that frame out for myself haha. I want some honey! But I’ll leave it. The bees made need it later in the season so I’ll wait until they’ve filled in all the frames and then we’ll see what’s left.

I found a bunch more eggs today. I wonder if the queen stopped laying in response to the crappy weather we’ve been having (?). All across the country there are ‘heat alerts’ going on, but we’re having an unusually cool summer here in Washington state. It’s nice but slightly annoying. It could be just a few degrees warmer, with about half as many clouds as we’ve had. I don’t hate having some clouds, because I find plain blue sky to be kind of boring, but a little bit more warmth would be good. Being down in the low 60’s in late July is ridiculous.

 I also found a couple new queen cups today, but I still couldn’t find the old one. These cups were a bit closer to the edges of the frames than the last ones so I squished them for safe measure.

And just because I’ve got it, I’ll show you a picture of the queen.

What, can’t see her? I’m pointing right to her. There’s also a drone up at the top left corner. The queens a bit difficult to spot though. My friend wouldn’t zoom in more for some reason :p

She’s just to the right there.

Well, that’s all I’ve got. Until next monday! Maybe tuesday, since I opened the hive earlier that I was supposed to because it was so nice out.


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