Still Checking For Swarming Signs (With Lots Of Honey)

I opened the bees today. I can understand why they’re wanting to swarm. The top box is extremely full with honey, most of which is being capped And there was a frame of honey in the bottom box as well. There were still some empty cells on a few frames though so I moved those around to the middle in the hopes the queen would start laying in them. And I moved a few of the fuller frames down to the lower box, refilling the empty space in the top box with a few brood frames. They haven’t started drawing out the super yet, but I’m hoping they will take the hint since I stuck all of the burr comb I scraped off back onto one of the frames.

The drone population has more than doubled again. I counted two frames with more than 20 drones on them, and many more with numbers in the teens. There were two large patches of drone cells so I squished them because more drones would not help the swarming problem. And the extra space will allow the queen more laying room.

There were three new queen cups in the hive, but none with eggs. Two were on the edges of the frames and one was up closer to the middle. I squished all of them.

I found the queen in the top box, on one of the two frames that had eggs in them before I moved things around. There’s only one frame that has yet to be completely drawn out. There was some honey on it but not much, so I put it in the center of the top box in the hopes that the queen would start laying on it and the bees would move the honey out.

There is only one full frame of pollen in the hive, but not much anywhere else. Which does slightly concern me. The good news is that I’ll get to plant more poppies next year. We have a ‘wild’ one in the front that just popped up randomly. It’s a bright red one that’s really pretty though, so we left it.

Most of the honey in the hive is in the process of being capped. If they cap a whole frame I think I’ll take it out for harvest. Or at the very least put it in the freezer in case they need it later. I’d really like to get some honey this year though. And with any luck they’ll draw out the super completely and have it filled by the end of the month. It would be really awesome if they did!

Hopefully you won’t see a post from me for another five days. If you do it’s likely to be a swarm post. I don’t think they will without a queen fully capped though. Anyway, see you in five days!


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