Don’t Panic, There Was Not A Swarm

The bees have been less active lately but I think it’s just because nothing’s really blooming at the moment. There is a giant field of clover a few miles away, but I’m not sure if the bees can make it all the way over there. Anyway. I came home this evening sometime after half past ten. And as I’m weird and like to look at my hive at ALL hours of the day, I went over to look at them. There were quite a few of them walking around outside. As in: more than I’ve ever seen at the entrance at night.
So naturally I went and got my camera to take pictures. After struggling to figure out how to turn on the flash I managed to take a few decent pictures. I didn’t want to get to close though because those silly girls will still go flying off randomly towards the house. There was one that was wandering around through the flowers while I was kneeling there. She’d buzz every few seconds as if unsure whether to fly to the motion light on the house or not. Two nights ago we had three bees inside because they lights at night confuse them and they always fly to them. It’s slightly ridiculous.

Anyway, here are the pictures I took.

I’m hoping they’re just too warm inside and are venting air in (it didn’t sound like they were doing that though), or too cold and are forming this barrier to keep in the heat. My concern is that they’re out of space in the hive and have no where else to be but crowded around the entrance like this. Which makes me wonder if I maybe shouldn’t move the super down to the bottom instead? I have no clue what I’m doing. *sigh*


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2 responses to “Don’t Panic, There Was Not A Swarm”

  1. Emily Heath says :

    Mine were all hanging round the bottom too recently, it was a cold day so I figured they were keeping the brood warm.

    • willowbatel says :

      Yeah, that makes sense, I just find it weird that they were out crawling way out on the base and up on the boxes. Who knows! The good news is that this year is much better weather-wise than last year and that there might still be time for some honey harvesting! I went through my posts last year and the weather was really crappy. I had to feed them on and off all month. But there are still fields of clover all over the place and a bunch of other thigns still in bloom. And the bees have more honey than they need I should think. On the other hand if there’s a dearth then the bees will be less likely to swarm because there won’t be food for the new colony, right?

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