Two Posts In One

I did open the bees five days ago, as is my pattern, I just was too lazy to post about it. So this post is going to be a kind of comparative post.

The honey stores have gone down a slight bit more since last week. The good news is there’s still 8 frames of capped honey in the hive, 4 per box, 2 on each end. The bees have started drawing out the super a bit more too which is a good sign that there is still nectar out there. Theres a full frame of pollen like last time, though it looks like they’ve started moving pollen to elsewhere in the hive also.

Last week there were 3 queen cups present. This week there were none.

The bees have been a lot more agressive lately though. Every so often one or two random bees will come over and start pestering my mom, sister, or me or the dogs. They left my uncle and cousin alone when they came over, but bothered my aunt. It’s really random. They’ll purposefully come looking for us too. And they’ll wait outside the door for us if we rush inside to get away from them. They won’t come inside because it’s darker.

The dogs have been stung a few times in the past week. Buttercup got stung on the nose, and on the crotch right before bed. I tried to get the bee out of her fur but it was too late. Kira’s been stung a few times, but it’s usually because she steps right on them. Sam got pestered once and I had to rush all the dogs inside because the bee was not leaving him alone, but he hasn’t been stung yet I don’t think. I think I might look into a new queen next year because these girls a much more agressive than last years.

Other than that though the hive appears perfectly healthy and looks like it’s taking all the steps to preparing its self for winter. I figured I’d leave the super on just incase there was a last minute flow and the bees needed extra room. There’s something blooming now that’s producing a dark amber colored honey. It’s really pretty and interesting to see the different colors on the same frame.


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