The Possiblily Of Honey, With A Side Of Death Please

Sorry, I meant to post this two days ago when I opened the bees last, but life got in the way.

It’s amazing how much difference there is in the hive after just two weeks. I hadn’t check the hive in all that time for some reason or another, and since it had been two weeks I figured it’d be best to check them. They’ve started filling in the super with honey! They’ve drawn out most of the frames and there was honey in about half of them I’d say. Not capped yet, but hopefully they’ll manage to get some stuff done before winter hits! If they don’t cap anything before winter I think I’ll just take the box off of the hive and leave it out for the bees to clean up. They had 4 full frames of capped honey in the top box and maybe 3 in the bottom box. Most of the pollen is in the bottom box. I figure they’ll just shove the honey from the super in anywhere they can find it. They’ll be able to use it better than I will if it’s not capped by the end of the season.

The bees were A LOT more aggressive than they’ve been all year, even though I used a smoker. I had a cloud of them around my head the entire time and it took about 15 minutes for them to leave me alone after I’d walked away from the hive. And they won’t stop follow us around outside either. Does anyone else have this problem? They’ve been following us around outside all year, but they’ve never been this bad. There’s been two or three of them circling around on the patio waiting for us to come outside today, and yesterday one kept beating its self on the glass trying to get in after my mom rushed inside to get away from them.

I wasn’t outside for more than a few minutes today, in the FRONT yard where we’ve never had problems, and a bee came after me. It stung me on my arm, thankfully. I got the stinger out and sucked out the venom but my arm started swelling immediately. Half of my left arm is now swollen, and my mom rushed me to the ER because my throat was constricting. I felt fine though. It was like I just had strep throat. I could breath fine, it was just really hard to swallow and my voice sounded like I had a stuffy nose. So I guess I’m allergic to bees, lol. But it was weird because the symptoms started going away while I was in the ER. They had to give me a shot in the butt though, which I can honestly say hurt more than the bee sting. It feels like I’ve got a bruise or something on my butt. Or I pulled the muscle or something. My arm just feels tingly on the edges where the venom is continuing to spread, and it hurts to twist my wrist. The doctor also prescribed me two EpiPens incase I’m stung again. So I’ve got to carry those around with me everywhere, which is going to suck.

I think next year I’ll get a new queen, cause these bees are way too aggressive. When you’re not safe ANYWHERE in your own yard, it’s not fun. I’ve stayed shut up inside all day. Last years bees didn’t follow us around at all, though they did occasionally come to the back door.

Oh and Buttercup was stung twice today.


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2 responses to “The Possiblily Of Honey, With A Side Of Death Please”

  1. Emily Heath says :

    Good news that they’re filling up the super but sorry to hear about the sting! The local beekeepers here advise not to bother the bees in August, because it’s their most aggressive month – the colony is still pretty big, and they have more stores to protect than before. Still, your bees sound worse than most. See this blog post for an interesting theory on why bees follow people:

    • willowbatel says :

      Oh thanks for this! My mom and I often argue over why the bees follow us around. She’s certain that it’s the smell of the hive on my suit and the bees are just trying to follow the smell. Which I find absurd because they follow me around for days after I’ve opened them, and I certainly don’t wear the same clothes or walk around in my suit for all that time. Not to mention showering. My theory is that they’re just sending out a guard, because they usually wait around the same places for us. They never bother us if we’re up in the garden, but they will hassle us if we go and stand over where I am in the yard most often, or on the back patio. There was a bee a few days ago which started beating its self on the glass in an attempt to follow my mom into the house after she rushed inside to get away from it badgering her. And the day after that 3 bees showed up every time one of us would go outside.
      I’ll remember not to disturb them in August again. They were more aggressive towards the end of the month last year as well, but not quite so bad as this.
      Yeah, my throats fine now, but the swelling on my left arm has continued all the way up to my elbow. It was more than 4 inches away from it at noon today, and now its almost exactly an inch away. I’ve got a giant knob on the side of my arm, at the edge of the swelling. I credit wearing my watch for keeping my hand from swelling up, though I did have to take my watch off eventually because it was getting too tight. You know how your skin feels after you’ve been outside in the freezing cold for too long, and you come inside and take a hot bath or something similar? That’s how my arm feels. It’s a constant tingling. It’s fine if I’m sleeping or if I don’t move it for a while. If I try and use it to lift anything it pulses and becomes rather painful. My moms making me call the doctor tomorrow to see if we can’t get the swelling down somehow. I’m not bothered by it; I know it’ll go away in a few weeks. The last couple times I got stung it took about two weeks before the swelling and itching went away. o’course, my throat didn’t tighten up either of those times and the swelling didn’t progress this much or continue for this long. So we’ll see what happens!

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