A Rose By Any Other Bee Would Smell As Sweet

I opened the bees yesterday after I got home from the longest day of school I’ve ever had and opened them up. I didn’t have time to post about it until just now though.

The bees had expanded up into the top box; filling almost an entire frame with brood. The lower box hadn’t been laid in recently (everything was capped) but most of the honey is in that box. So, I did some moving around. The brood frames from the top box were switched into the lower, as were a couple frames with some pockets of late summer’s dark honey from last year. I arranged the lower box so there were 3 or 4 frames of brood, with honey on the edges. There were a few frames with little pockets of honey that I put into the center of the top box, since that seemed to encourage the bees to expand last time.

The crocuses have popped up, and there was nectar in the hive yesterday. Not much, but hopefully enough to get egg laying properly underway. I found the queen, and she seems healthy, but the bees have made a couple queen cups in the middle of some frames. I’m tempted to leave them there, since I’m not a fan of this current queen, and if the bees get rid of her of their own accord, it’ll save me the trouble of doing it myself. There was also a very large pocket of drones on one of the frames, so I carved it out. There were a few new pockets of bur comb (there were even eggs in some) so I figured giving the bees some place to draw out new comb would be good for them.

Random thing of interest: the hive smelled like roses.

Other than that there isn’t much going on in the hive. There’s a ton of white pollen everywhere, and mold has spread, but I think once the population increases that will all go away.

Also, today I’m finally signing up for the state beekeepers association. I didn’t want to do it last year since I wasn’t sure if the bee’s would make it, and I didn’t want to bother with all the paperwork, but since the bees seem perfectly healthy I figured I should probably sign up. Oh, and apparently some new law has changed so it’s legal for me to have bees. Apparently it wasn’t before (?). I followed all the guidelines listed on the county’s website, but I guess I was still breaking the law somehow. But then, that’s me really. When I break the law, you better watch out! Things are bound to get out of hand!



2 responses to “A Rose By Any Other Bee Would Smell As Sweet”

  1. Emily Heath says :

    I love the smell of roses. Glad the bees are doing well.

    • willowbatel says :

      Yeah, I was kind of surprised. Not sure what exactly it means for the hive to smell like that, but its pleasant, which is usually a good thing, so I’m not too worried.

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