A Nice Spring Day

It’s such a nice day out; I have to write a short post about the bees’ activities. The last few days have been really nice (with temperatures in the low 70’s) and with yesterdays thunder storm (complete with lightning) there are an abundance of flowers in the yard. I actually don’t recall ever seeing so many bees in the yard. I did a quick walk through and it seemed like every few feet there was a bee on a flower. The hyacinth have already started going to seed because of the speedy pollination of these bees. The bright yellow flowers of the turnips have started turning to seedpods as well. There are bees on almost every other flower in the yard it seems like. The dandelions, and the cherry blossom tree are dangerous to walk past. Although, I did notice the bees seem to be robbing from the cherry blossom. Which is unfortunate.

This nice weather is supposed to continue through the weekend, and hopefully I can open the bees on Monday to see if they’ve started raising a new queen. It would be nice if things timed out so there was a new queen in the hive in the middle of the fruit tree flow. Then there should still be enough bees in the hive that they can forage successfully, and the population build up for the summer won’t be set too far back.


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