Lots of Drone Cells

We had three days of really nice weather from Friday to Sunday. Naturally I had the flu. I’m only just recovering (didn’t go to school Friday or Monday) and it’s rained the last couple days. So I wasn’t able to open the bees until today after it rained for a few hours and the sun came out. Making our high for the day 59 degrees.

Anyway, the bees are doing well. They’ve got around 8 frames of brood, mostly eggs, and a couple frames of pollen. There wasn’t much in the way of nectar/honey in the hive, but that frames with last summers stores is still untouched. And the appearance of a couple swarm cells tells me they’re doing more than fine. The supercedure cell from last time was untouched. I left the supercedure cell alone but squashed the swarm cells.

There were a couple drones in the hive, and a ton of capped drone cells. So I’d say the bees are on track for the year. The only thing I did was move a couple empty (or containing only pollen) frames into the brood nest to give the queen lots of room to lay. She was definitely looking for room, since I first found her in the top box having just finished laying half of one frame and crawling onto its other side.

The bees were a bit more aggressive than last time. There were a few more of them buzzing around my head constantly, and I was buzzed angrily several times. They didn’t follow me around the yard like last year after I was finished, but I expect that to come back into style as summer roles around.

I’d really like to have a second hive, for ‘insurance’ purposes, and I’ve been looking into a Warre hive. I even bought Warre’s book, and his approach to beekeeping seems pretty much exactly what I think (hope) mine is. With any luck I’ll be getting a second hive soon. I plan to order from http://www.beethinking.com/ (cause they’re kinda local and their hives are the exact dimensions of Warre’s originals) and I talked to one of the people at their shop when I went to Oregon to see family. He said that he’s had hives settle down (become a ‘nicer’ hive) after he split them. So I’ve decided to just leave this queen bee (get it?) and then I’ll use her to start the second hive once it’s ordered. Plus I can always replace her later.

Until next time!


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