Sting Me To Sleep

The bees have a large weed in front of their hive that I’ve been meaning to take out for several days now. It’s just not possible because of its location. So tonight, instead of pulling it out, I just wanted to hack it down so it would be suppressed for a few weeks. It was a little after sunset when I first went over with just a hand trowel. There was still an occasional bee coming in every few minutes, but they were relatively in active. I went over and started hacking things down, and everything was ok for the first half of the weed. I moved too much in front of the hive I guess, because a bee came flying out at me. I deflected it with my trowel and ran off to wait until it was darker. About 15 minutes later I figured it was plenty dark, and went over with a long handled hoe so I could chop down the rest of the weed without trouble.

Unfortunately, just as I finished chopping down the weed (the bees were starting to gather at the entrance at this point due to the noise) I bumped into the stand the hive sits on. The bees came pouring out at the hoe and I had to drop it and run to the other side of the yard. I’d spent all day on the back patio, and all my school stuff was out there, so after a minute or two of waiting I ventured to the patio to pick up my stuff. A bee was there waiting for me, though by this time it was too dark to see it and I didn’t know it was there. I felt a small prick on my elbow and honestly wouldn’t have thought anything of it had the bees not just got on the offensive. I brushed the bee off my arm as quick as I felt it, and managed to break the stinger before it could properly stick in me. It did manage to prick me though, and I’ve got a little bump forming already. I feel completely normal, except for the hotspot on my elbow where the sting is.

So, lesson of the day? Don’t bump into the stand of a hive if you’re not clothed properly, and don’t think that just because its after nightfall that you’ll be protected from these girls.

It’s a shame they’re doing something that is actually necessary in the wild, because I would really like them to not be such ‘wild’ bees. Hopefully splitting them will calm them down. The Warre hive still isn’t here yet. I’m thinking it might be here Wednesday or Thursday.

Other lesson of the day? If you’re allergic to bees, don’t tell your mother you’ve been stung. Because she will insist on measuring the size of the swelling every few minutes to see if you’re having a major reaction, despite your telling her otherwise. I’m not kidding about that either.

Oh! And here are some pictures of that bee that was licking me that I promised!

Any ideas on what kind of critter she is?

Also, here’s a very crumby picture of the hive after I bumped into it. Those girls were not happy with me!

Keep in mind this was taken at 8:30 at night and the camera’s shutter speed was extremely slow in an effort to capture more light. Also, this was taken from the safety of my mothers bedroom, which looks out over the yard, directly across to the hive. But yeah, there should not be this many bees out when there is almost no light out! You’re breaking the laws of beekeeping little bees!



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