Lack Of Hive News And Drone Watching

Today was spent eagerly awaiting the email from beethinking to give me the tracking number to show my hive had shipped. Naturally, it did not come. I’ll be calling them tomorrow.

I also decided to get my binoculars (since my camera’s battery is still refusing to charge) and watch the front of the hive. There were lots of drones coming and going! I hadn’t ever seen that part of bee life, so it was fun. It was also interesting to see how the girls guarded the entrance. Bees mostly blocked the edges of the entrance, and there were even some crawling on the left and right sides. The center had a few bees in it, but not so many as the edges. This is, quite honestly, what I do for genuine entertainment.

It got up into the 70’s today, and is supposed to be relatively decent for the rest of the week! The bees were extra busy as a result. They were crawling all over the front and up on the roof again.

In unrelated bee news, a hummingbird came up and hovered under the patio cover while I was sitting there just watching the yard. I was walking around later and she showed up again. She sat on the caging around the raspberries not more than 2 feet in front of me. For like 2 minutes even. Not sure what it means, but we don’t have any food in the yard for hummingbirds right now. Actually, that’s not true. We have lungwort. The hummingbirds love that. We have a very large evergreen honey suckle that blooms later in spring and throughout summer that hummingbirds and bumblebees love.

Anyway, I’ll report back on what’s going on with this new hive. I’m tempted to just tell them to cancel my order and buy another langstroth, because this Warre’ is already not working out. And they’re not too concerned with getting it to me I don’t think.


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