Charger And Hive Shipping

Someone who seemed actually genuinely apologetic about this situation picked up at the bee place today. He told me he was making more hives and saw no reason why mine shouldn’t be shipped out today. I felt bad so I didn’t ask for them to cover my shipping. Even though he got it out the door too late, so it could be here as late as Wednesday. My mom is seriously considering calling them up to make them pay for shipping. She’s a little bit meaner than me, and also the one who’s paying for this, so… not much I can do to stop her. We’ll see what happens though. I’m not too sure she’ll actually call them. She gets home from work too late anyway.

I got my camera charger for cheap today! My cousin works at the camera store and got me a 40% discount, so it was a lot cheaper than I expected. And my battery is all charged up, so hopefully tomorrow you’ll be getting some pictures of the bees all over the hive. For whatever reason, almost consistently at right around 3 o’clock they all come pouring out and cover the hive. The air fills with them as well, as activity during this time increases immensely, and probably more than 3 times the normal amount of foragers go flying around. So with any luck you’ll get to see a picture of that tomorrow. It’s a shame I’ve got a completely full day on Thursday and won’t be able to split the hive then. It’s also a shame I’ll be home alone and unable to take pictures except for before and after the split. So the actual process won’t be captured on film 😦

I hope the hive gets here tomorrow anyway, because then I’ll have time to paint the roof with a couple coats and make sure it’s good and sealed. I’m also not entirely sure what I’ll be putting in the quilt (the roof, basically) to act as a moister reducer/insulator…



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