Day One After The Split

The bees are very active around Trunchen Hive, and the air space above both hives is full of whizzing golden orbs that always indicate a lot of foraging.

The foraging bees seem to mostly be staying at Trunchen Hive, but there are a good number of them that have begun drifting back to White Hive. That’s to be expected though, since I didn’t have the space to move the hives the recommended 6 feet apart. At least not without having to move them again later.

Unfortunately all this activity has not been a good thing for the dogs. Both Buttercup and Sam have been stung, and within half an hour of each other. Its only because the bees get ‘lost’ in the grass and then the dogs accidentally step on them. And because of Buttercups fur they get stuck easily and end up stinging her before they can get out. Sam has only been stung once before, at least as far as I can remember, but he managed to step right on one today and came hurriedly back into the house with his head down looking troubled. Both Buttercup and Sam were given some bee-allergy medicine on a nice spoonful of peanut butter.

I forgot to mention yesterday that the bees had started to fill up the super, and with the lack of a laying queen for the next month; the focus will be on collecting nectar. The lack of brood to take care of will allow more bees to forage. The top box was also probably twice as heavy as the lower box. So the honey crop should be really good this year!

There was something else I wanted to mention, but for some reason its eluding me at the moment… The drone population was extremely high, but for the most part there were very little drone cells. I didn’t look through the lower box at all, because I figured it would be best to leave that alone since I had completely disrupted the top box. I’m rather annoyed I can’t remember what I wanted to mention…

Well, anyway, the bees are out in large numbers today, and there are quite a few of them drinking from the – oh! That’s what it was! Haha. The bees have been drinking from the dirt in the trumpet trees pot. Here’s a picture.

There are usually a dozen of them scattered around in the pot at any given time. The dirt is kept constantly wet because of the tray the plant sits in. I’m not sure why they feel the need to drink from this, but they really enjoy it. Its kind of a bother though because this is right at the edge of our patio, so we constantly have bees flying practically right up to our back door. Which is something we’re not overly fond of. I’m hoping to use this as another reason why we need to install a proper pond in our yard. That should definitely keep the girls away from the house.


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2 responses to “Day One After The Split”

  1. Emily Heath says :

    Bees can’t smell water, so they often like water that’s slightly dirty as a) they can find it more easily and b) it will contain certain minerals that cleaner water might not. Rusty at Honey Bee Suite explains it here:

    I like the look of this method of providing water, though I haven’t tried it myself yet:

    Sorry to hear about the poor dogs!

    • willowbatel says :

      How bizarre. Bees are so weird, haha. I had read somewhere, though I forget where, that bees like the runoff from farms where cow manure was abundant. I found that too disgusting to believe, but apparently its true.
      Well, I guess I’ll have to make sure to keep the pond extra mucky once it gets put in.
      The bees seem to be a little more ‘together’ today, in that the hives both seem relatively active and there aren’t so many bees in the grass. That said, its a lot warmer today, so the dogs are sticking more to the shade of the patio than running around like they were yesterday.
      Waiting for 10 days to peek into the hives is going to be so difficult!

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