Drone Pictures

To be obnoxious, I’m posting some none-too-good pictures of the drones in White Hive.

That’s the best picture I’ve got. There are 3 drones that I can see easily here. Ones in the sun, one’s in the shade, and one’s in flight (in the shade). See if you can find them!

There’s one in flight. I had to use the ‘super’ zoom on my camera so I could get this close of a shot, but it reduces the quality quite noticeably, unfortunately.

This drone is right on the edge of the hive, about to take off.

The shade made getting their colorations hard, but they’re blue with thin yellow stripes. They’re so much bigger than the workers, its ridiculous. If I remember correctly this is because they have to carry the queen while mating.

Hopefully I can get some closer shots later, with better quality. I’ve got more pictures than this currently, but the detail isn’t too great, and these were the best shots.


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