A Queen And Beheading

White Hive has a queen! I didn’t get to see her, but I found 2 frames of eggs and some were just beginning to tip over on their sides. I only inspected 5 or 6 frames of the top box, stopping after the patch of eggs stopped. I’m so glad the wait is over! I don’t know what I would’ve done if they hadn’t had a queen. Oh! And they were SO much calmer than they’ve been in weeks. The sound of the hive was a lower tone, the bees weren’t clouding around me, and there weren’t as many bees poking their heads out from in between the frames to watch me. I’m excited to see what her Royal Highness looks like. I smoked the bees quite a lot, assuming that there wouldn’t be a queen, so I have a feeling she ran down into the lower box. The good news is that I’ll be getting a little bit of honey this year, as they’ve already capped some in the super. It’s probably not more than a pint, but it’s enough for me!

I also peeked in Trunchen Hive to see if they had expanded into the lower box yet. They had glued the bars down to the box, so I was able to lift the top box off the lower one without things sticking together. There was an “emergence” a few days ago, so the lower box was full of clustering bees, but not of wax. The weather has been decent for the last few weeks. Even if it rains its not too cold, and the bees have been out every day for the last couple months regardless. The drones in Trunchen hive were all killed and thrown out of the hive. There is a large pile of them on the ground at the entrance. Most of them are missing their heads. I’m not sure if the bees did that, or the ants, but I found it morbidly humorous. Agatha Trunchbull is a little Queen of Hearts-ish apparently. “Off with their heads!”

I haven’t got a chance to look into my aunt’s hive yet, but tomorrow I’ll be at her house and will open them up. She also found a recipe in the Warre’ book that I gave her for a flour paste type thing. Apparently you’re supposed to put a flour paste thing on the cloth that goes in between the top box and the quilt to keep the bees from drawing wax on the cloth. I missed that page the first time through the book I guess. Oh well, the inspection and the floured cloth will be done tomorrow!


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