Aunt’s Queen Found

Due to my being at the science center all of monday, and all of the rain, there wasn’t an opportunity for me to open my aunts bees. I was over there with my other aunt and my cousin all of yesterday to do yard work though, so I got to take a look. I just wanted to make sure they had a queen and everything was going well.

They had 3 bars with wax on them, all full of eggs, and we even got to see the queen. She’s a lighter color than Agatha, and smaller too. She hasn’t quite come into herself yet I think, because her abdomen wasn’t the regular full length, and was puffier towards the front that it should’ve been. But other than that, the hive is fine! My aunt was standing less than 5 feet away the entire time, so she got to see almost everything right up close. I don’t think she got to see any of the eggs though. If I had been thinking about it I would’ve had someone get a camera, so she could take a picture of her queen… meh, oh well. I’ll try and remember next time.

I’ve managed to convince her to not put the rest of the four boxes on all at once. The Warre’ book suggests doing that in early spring, so the bees have ample room to spread out and the beekeeper has less to do. That’s for a hive with two full boxes of bees though, not one with only three frames. Since she got to look into the hive herself, I think she’s got a better idea of their current space usage.

There was a relative lack of nectar and pollen in the hive though, so that is worrisome. We were supposed to have thunderstorms yesterday, and rain today, but it was in the 70’s  with relatively clear skies yesterday and its looking to be another hot day today, without a cloud in sight. All of the hives have queens and eggs and plenty of foragers, so I’m not worried about any of them! Whether I’ll be collecting honey from either of the Warre’ hives is unlikely however.


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3 responses to “Aunt’s Queen Found”

  1. The Honeypotters says :

    Question for you about adding supers, I think my bees are ready for more space. Should I add another deep box or go with a medium at this point since it’s past spring? And is there anything special to keep in mind when adding a new super?

    • willowbatel says :

      The bees should have enough time to fill in another deep I think. If you have multiple medium supers then I would advise using them instead. That way there’s a little more flexibility as to what the bees are required to fill in, and what can be removed if they don’t fill it. And then next year you can just switch them out for one deep and use them as honey supers, since the wax will already be drawn.
      I can’t think of anything of note for adding supers… some people put them under the brood boxes, others put them on top. I put mine on top, simply because it makes checking it easier and the heat from the hive allows the honey to ripen faster. It also allows the warm air to sit above the brood in summer, so that less work has to go into keeping the brood cool. That, and I can’t remember any of the benefits of putting the super on the bottom, lol.

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