Moving Frames

I really want to see the new queen in White Hive. I searched through the entire top box, and most of the bottom, but didn’t see her. There was a capped frame in the top box, and they were capping two more. There wasn’t much in the way of new eggs though, but I think a part of that has to do with the fact that theres a lot more honey stores since the last time I opened them, and there just isn’t enough space in the top box for more brood. So, I took a frame of honey off of each end of the top box and put them on the edges of the lower box. I replaced the frames in the top box with empty ones from the bottom, placing those two empties on the edge of the brood cluster. That way, its not disturbing the cluster, but the queen has easy access to more space. Almost all of the frames in the bottom were empty of anything. A few had some pockets of pollen, but for the most part the boxwas empty, save the bees.

There’s clearly a nectar flow happening, because Trunchen Hive has finally begun expanding into the lower box. They tried to connect a piece of comb from the top box to the new one they’ve drawn out in the lower box though. That was trouble. I wanted to move the comb over, just enough to be under the bar the girls has tried connecting it to, but it wasn’t going to move easily because it was attached to the wall. I then thought, Oh, I can just put the bar on top of it and push it down a little so that the bees will connect it and I can move it easier later. Big mistake. The whole heart-shaped chunk fell to the bottom of the box. It was too complete of a piece to just leave it where it fell, so I picked it up and tried to squish the upper part of it to the bar. Wax is annoyingly not sticky.

After crushing it to half its size with no hope of it sticking, I flattened the entire piece and tried squishing it to the frame that way. Success! I had some extra wax though, so I squished it to another bar. So, even though I lost a frame, the bees now have two bars with ‘guides’ on them, which will encourage them to draw out the wax faster, and correctly. There wasn’t any eggs on the frame thankfully, but there was quite a bit of clear nectar-honey that came oozing out of the top once I started squishing it down. I feel really bad about ruining a whole frame, but 80% of the wax is still in the hive, and all was not lost.


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