Swarm Gone

I’m sorry I haven’t had time to post. Two days ago was my graduation party and yesterday was a family day, since several relatives had come up from out of state for the party. The entire week before that was spent cleaning and gardening. My garden has never looked so good! Anyway, I just didn’t have time to post.

Was it four days ago now that the bees swarmed? They spent seven hours in the tree before I eventually climbed up there to put them in a cardboard box. I left them up there overnight to make sure they would all get into the box before I took them down. I looked the next morning, before I left for my aunts to get the two boxes I still needed from my cousin, and they had crawled out of the box again. I was gone at my aunts for four hours. My aunt was running errands, as was my cousin, when I got there, so I was stuck waiting for an hour before anyone was even home to do anything. Eventually they made it home though and my cousin through the boxes together for me.

I got home and found the bees gone. There were still a few stragglers flying around the place the swarm had been, giving the elution that they had all shut themselves up in the box. I suited up and retrieved the box, only to find it empty. My mom didn’t notice a cloud of bees depart, nor did my neighbor. Oh well. Agatha will be… missed.

I put one of the two new boxes on the bottom of Trunchen Hive and looked through White Hive in an attempt to find the new queen. I still have yet to find her, but she’s moved down into the lower box because there was at least one frame of royal-jelly-soaked larvae in it. I didn’t look around too much, because the bees were being a little gritchy. They’ve capped about half a frame worth of stores in the super, but they’re having a hard time putting stores away because of their reduced population and the number of drones I think. They’re no where near starving, they just aren’t bringing in noticeably copious amounts of nectar. Oh, but there is a lot of pollen on the frames in the lower box, so the bees are definitely making an effort to expand downwards. Which gives me hope that they won’t swarm again later because they’re aware of the space they have to use.

So, the swarm disappeared, Trunchen Hive now has three boxes (the wax piece I broke off and tried to stick on elsewhere was on the floor when I moved the boxes, but the bees have started chewing it up and moving the wax elsewhere), and the queen of White Hive is laying at full speed. I haven’t looked at my aunts hive in a while, but I’ll probably go check it out sometime in the next week.


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