Heat Wave

This week is forecasted to be our hottest week of the summer. I haven’t been able to open the bees at all because it’s been well into the 80s consistently, and the only time its cool enough to think about doing anything is after dark or before sunrise. The forecast for today and tomorrow is the low to mid 90s, and an “excessive heat warning” is in effect from noon today until 11 PM tomorrow. The next week will continue to be in the upper 70s to mid 80s.

My neighbors informed me yesterday that an alert has gone out about starving hummingbirds, which makes me wonder if there’s a dearth for the bees as well (though bees are constantly coming and going from both hives). We haven’t had rain in weeks, and things are starting to turn a bit brown. An azalea in our front yard has burnt leaves, and things that should be blooming right now have stopped. I watered the entire garden for half an hour last night (the first time its been watered in probably two weeks) and then again for 15 minutes this morning, before the sun was on it. I watered the lawn in front of the bees for 15 minutes too, if only to keep the ground cooler for a little longer today. We’re not big lawn people at our house, so our lawn is actually just a sea of yellow dust; what was once grass but has since been trampled to dust by the dogs.

Anyway, I just wanted to write this short post to document the weather. I’ve been watering the bees pretty much every day for the last couple weeks I think. Since I took that empty box off of the bottom of Trunchen Hive, a group of girls have dedicated themselves to fanning air into the hive. There’s a light ring on the front of the lowest box that shows where they like to stand, as there isn’t enough room for all of them on the small landing board. I’m guessing this ring is caused by the darkening of the rest of the box, which is unpainted and gets constant sun, and the shade from the bees bodies keeps that little area lighter? Or maybe its wax that is accidentally created while they’re fanning that falls off and sticks to the wood? I dunno, I’m just guessing here.


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