Naming And A ‘Drone Frame’

I figured I should open White Hive one last time before harvesting, to make sure they’re doing ok and will survive the winter. They’ve slowly started drawing out the last three frames in the super, though I don’t expect those frames to be finished or capped by the end of the year at all. I will be getting 6 full frames at the very least though.

I checked a few frames in the top brood box, just to see how things were going. There were two large pockets of drone brood on one frame that I pulled up, so I destroyed those. There just wasn’t a reason to keep them this late in the year, even though there were some drones emerging, and 90% of the ones running around were the lovely brown-amber color this queen produces. Speaking of- well, I’ll get back to her in a minute. I moved into the lower box (and was staggered by the weight of the top brood box, which I would estimate at upwards of 70 lbs), because I wanted to make sure they had drawn out that frame I harvested a while ago. They had. It was fully drawn out and a solid sheet of capped drone cells. I was completely shocked. Because it was the entire frame I left it alone. I was not going to bother uncapping the whole thing. That said, this frame can now be my ‘drone frame’ which I can destroy each spring to help keep mite populations low. That said, I have yet to see a mite on any of the bees in any of my hives.

The bees were extremely agitated with me for being in the lower box, and a large cloud had surrounded me by this point. They had left me virtually alone during my glance into the super and the top brood box, but after pulling up the drone frame in the bottom box they became extremely unhappy and kept head butting my helmet. A hornet had also shown up to buzz the frames at this point, so I quickly restacked the boxes and walked away. I didn’t bother opening Trunchen Hive. I was followed up through the garden and around the yard, by at least a dozen bees. eventually, after a good deal of swatting with my brush and standing in a small patch of shade, I got the girls to leave me alone and rush inside. To my knowledge I wasn’t followed then, but a bee did show up to send my dogs running inside once I had de-robed and was outside again to write this post. We all headed inside just in time for my mom to get home. Which meant that she was also buzzed a few minutes later when she went to turn the grill on for dinner.

And now, back to the queen. Emma (author of made the comment that the queen of White Hive sounded like a she-wolf. So I decided to do a bit of digging around through wolf-lore and find a name I liked. They were all slightly obnoxious, but I did find “Tasha”, which was characteristic and something I could stomach. It’s not the prettiest name, or the most regal, but it could easily be the name of the youngest sister in a royal family, who has a birthmark and is slightly quirky. Which is what the queen of White Hive is, lol. So, I’ve decided to name her Tasha.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Tomorrow night I’ll be going to my first beekeepers association meeting. I figured it was time I finally just went to one, since I am technically a registered member. I’ll let you know how it goes. The current president is B, the guy I bought my first colony of bees from when I began beekeeping.


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2 responses to “Naming And A ‘Drone Frame’”

  1. Emily Heath says :

    Long live Tasha, your she-wolf queen! I used to know a girl at school called Tasha.

    • willowbatel says :

      I knew a girl name Natasha. And Natisha. And Myesha. And Felicia. My mom hated me that year because I would often come home with a story involving all of them and she could never keep their names straight, lol.

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