Drone Diet

Either the drones are beginning to die off on their own or the girls are cleaning house before the winter, because I found several of them crawling through the grass today. We have a lot of yellow jackets that hunt the flies in our lawn and I’m guessing they’ve discovered the large easy meal that are the drones. When I found them a yellow jacket was bothering a drone, but seemed unable to decide how best to attack it and gave up. Between the yellow jackets and the ants, I’m sure everything will be cleaned up before winter though.


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3 responses to “Drone Diet”

  1. Emma Sarah Tennant says :

    Nature wastes nothing, I always feel sorry for the drones at this time of year though!

  2. Talking With Bees says :

    I respect the bees with their instint to survive. This is my first year with bees. Do the drones try and get back in?

    Also. You might be interested. My apiary was selected to participate in an EU honeybee study. I videoed the bee inspector and have written a bit about the study.

    • willowbatel says :

      The drones do try and get back in, which is why the girls usually clip their wings and carry them out a ways from the hive. My bees only carry the drones about 15 feet away from the hive and drop them in the thickest grass, so the drones get even more lost.
      That said, after I split the bees in late spring earlier this year, the girls kicked all of the drones directly out of the hive within a week, because they couldn’t support them. There was a pile of them at the base of the hive stand.
      Oh interesting! I’ll definitely check that out!

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