Fall Cleaning

Since both hives were especially active today, I figured I may as well do a quick post about it. There wasn’t much to note, except that they were audible from about 20 feet away, and a fair few of them had bright yellow pollen in their baskets. They were as active as any day in late spring I’d say, when the population is fairly large but not much is blooming/the population is still younger.

As I walked around I found one of the beautiful drones from Tasha’s hive. His wings had been destroyed, which made it apparent that he was being evicted. I like drones though. They’re bees you can play with, lol. So, I promptly picked him up and took a few pictures!


Isn’t he pretty? There are some males that are just that honey-auburn color, with no black on them. This photo doesn’t do him credit. His legs appeared as though they were golden. Isn’t this picture great though? This was taken with my simple iPhone 4S.

I also spotted this giant spider while talking with my neighbor. If you are arachnid phobic, I suggest you scroll past quickly, lol.

Isn’t she ghastly? I wanted to get a closer look at her but was noooot interested in picking her up. She was almost as large as my thumb, and as big as her… I don’t know arachnid anatomy at all. As big as her rump was, her middle bit and head were just as long. And silver too, which I found odd. I’ve never seen a spider like her before. My neighbors wanted me to squish her, but that bright red was too pretty to step on!

There was some other bug that I noticed today… Oh! A grasshopper! We only get one or two a year, and we don’t see them often, but today one decided to take a rest on the side of our house. It was rather bizarre. I should’ve taken a picture of that too, but didn’t unfortunately.

That said, I’m going to bed. Its 12:30 am and I’m finally feeling sleepy. I’ll finally get to drift to sleep to the sound of rain! We had a proper storm blow in this evening. The kind that slams into the side of the house, hurtling rain at the windows and shaking the glass in its panes. I love it! I hope the bees are having as much fun in their homes as I’m having in mine!


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12 responses to “Fall Cleaning”

  1. Emily Heath says :

    Enjoyed these photos! Your local bees are slow in kicking the drones out, mine did it weeks ago.

    • willowbatel says :

      We still have things in bloom apparently. I honestly still have beans and raspberries on the vine. We’ve been getting some proper rain finally, but the weather has been unseasonably nice for too long. The bees started kicking drones out, or at least I thought they had, a few weeks ago. Maybe I misread the signs and the drones had been attacked instead…

  2. Emma Sarah Tennant says :

    Omigoodness! What a strange looking spider!

  3. Kevin Pfeiffer says :

    Common orb weaver, nearing the end of her life (1-2 years, depending on species). Perfectly harmless; they’re good, though at catching mosquitoes and flies.

  4. Garden Walk Garden Talk says :

    Glad you spared the spider too. I like your bee photo. Lucky those drones don’t sting

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